SAN'A, YEMEN - An explosion that allegedly emerged from a car and the line of fire occurred in the building outside the U.S. embassy in Yemen this Wednesday. Reportedly many fall victim.

U.S. Embassy spokesperson is quoted as CNN, on Wednesday (17/9/2008) is not yet clear how the victims of the fall due to the attack occurred in the morning at 07.00 local time. However, there is no explanation of the number of victims killed or injured.

An eyewitness said, the security of the local area was clean. They also claim to hear gunshot.

A British citizen said to CNN, they hear a loud explosion accompanied with a large ball of fire. He also witnessed the many victims.

"We hear heavy weapons. Then I lock the window. Fire ball is very close to the U.S. embassy," said Mason. According to him, gunshot heard during the 10 to 15 minutes. Followed with two sound explosion.

Mason also states, parties successfully put out the fire in the vicinity of the location. Conditions are also quiet, though still visible citizens who want to see the location.


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