SAN'A, YEMEN - An explosion that allegedly emerged from a car and the line of fire occurred in the building outside the U.S. embassy in Yemen this Wednesday. Reportedly many fall victim.

U.S. Embassy spokesperson is quoted as CNN, on Wednesday (17/9/2008) is not yet clear how the victims of the fall due to the attack occurred in the morning at 07.00 local time. However, there is no explanation of the number of victims killed or injured.

An eyewitness said, the security of the local area was clean. They also claim to hear gunshot.

A British citizen said to CNN, they hear a loud explosion accompanied with a large ball of fire. He also witnessed the many victims.

"We hear heavy weapons. Then I lock the window. Fire ball is very close to the U.S. embassy," said Mason. According to him, gunshot heard during the 10 to 15 minutes. Followed with two sound explosion.

Mason also states, parties successfully put out the fire in the vicinity of the location. Conditions are also quiet, though still visible citizens who want to see the location.



SLAMABAD - Action suicide bombing happened in Pakistan and killed 20 people as much. Bombs that have occurred after the funeral ceremony member Syiah Muslims.

In addition to killing 20 people who explode bombs in the capital city of northwestern Pakistan, Islamabad is also wound as much 50. As informed the local police to Reuters, Friday (20/2/2009).

Violence between the sects and Suni Syiah continue happening in the city of whipping Ismail Khan in the west border river Indus. Region is also the base support for the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

"The explosion that occurs when there obsequies Syiah members who died on the day before," said the head of administration Syed Mohsin Shah.

Police said they found the body of the suicide bombing. "This is certain suicide bombing. We found a few snippets of feet belonging to suspected perpetrators," said the head of the police Sanaullah.

Police on duty in the region whipping RS Ismail Khan said the number of victims is still likely increase. "We receive Jasad that killed 20 people while many are still critical," said Deen Mohammad.

Due to explosion, the authorities apply the curfew in the city as much that is located 270 kilometers from Islamabad that.

"We apply a curfew and ask the army to stop the violence because it is feared will be out to other areas," said the Pakistan government officials Syed Mohsin Shah



Nokia to add music via mobile phone in the series XPRESSMUSIC 5630. Device with the Symbian operating system 60 has an ultra-slim design and taste Ngage.

Although family tradition XPRESSMUSIC, 5630 claimed not only want to show advantages in terms of sound. But want to give more to the entertainment experience in a handheld device with the ability to strengthen and video games.

View only 5630 comes with N-Gage experience that complete and its N-Gage shortcuts in the main screen. N-Gage game offers all the catalogs from various providers, multi-player features, and ability to learn about the development, as a friend to add to play together.

In addition, through the feature 'Say & Play', the user only needs to mention the song title or name performers to play the song automatically on the phone.

While the 3.2 megapixel camera with a full focus with the flash on this phone, picture, or video and can be taken directly through sharing favorite online community, such as Ovi, Flickr, or Facebook.

Nokia 5630 XPRESSMUSIC scheduled to be present in the market began the second quarter 2009. And in some countries, the Nokia 5630 will be sold as XPRESSMUSIC Comes With Music device.



WASHINGTON - A poll conducted by USDA Today / Gallup says, the majority of respondents agree the United States, former President George W Bush is examined on the crimes alleged in the government.

Poll results reveal, as much as 41 percent of respondents agree conducted criminal investigations over alleged crimes during the Bush reign. While 30 percent of states, formed the independent panel to investigate Bush, and 25 percent other states it does not need to be done.

Besides USA Today / Gallup also gave respondents a question related to the descendants of the alleged crimes of the Bush. Some 38 percent of respondents feel need to be related to the investigation without the permission of phone tapping the Bush government. While 25 percent of the investigations need to be independent states and 34 percent do not have to.

For alleged violent conduct when a tragedy such as Guantanamo cases, 38 percent agree criminal investigation, as much as 24 percent feel it should be independent, and 34 percent do not have to.

In addition, almost two-thirds of respondents also felt that a formal investigation should be carried out against government policies of Bush, although not in the form of a criminal investigation.

Survey involving 1,027 respondents was conducted in a way to contact via phone starting January 30 to February 1.

Meanwhile, The American Civil Liberties groups and various other human rights, next weekend will be doing a campaign for Bush and urged the parliament to conduct a full investigation on the policy? ~ War on terror 'the Bush government.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International also demanded U.S. President Barack Obama and members of Congress established the independent and impartial commission to investigate the possibility of violence, illegal detention, and other illegal actions in the name of war against the Bush done.



MELBOURNE - The survivors of the worst bush fires in Australia will return home for the first time to Marysville, a city that is almost "scorched" from the map.

As much 100 people feared killed in Marysville when bush fires, which triggered the gale and dry area, up the hill was filled ago Eucalyptus trees in the area. Fire that killed more than 180 people and burn some of the city in the state of Victoria, but Marysville fixed location as in the crime when police are still searching for evidence of the victim killed and burning.

A local police spokesman said, some bus will take as much 300 people, most of which fled from the city when the fire occurred, for a small tour so they could see the fire was due to head with their own eyes. However, he said, they will not be allowed out of the city bus because the location is still a crime.

"There will be a leader in assisting residents in the bus," he said. Marysville residents, Merran Guest, thinks the tour will be emotional in the city. "I feel anxious, but I think this part of sorrow. This is something we should do. This is the first step," said the former nurse said to the newspaper The Australian.

At least 12 people confirmed killed in Marysville, but the victims of the soul is more so in the area of investigation is completed. Only 14 buildings still standing in the city that had 500 people as much it.


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Tel Aviv - Israel will be reported immediately to free 1,000 Palestinian prisoners to be exchanged with a prajuritnya arrested in the 2006, Gilad Shalit.

Be as Press TV, Tuesday (10/2/2009) the Jerusalem Post quoted the report, the plan will be realized before the new government of Israel created.

Two days before the general election of Israel, government officials provided new requirements for Hamas, the exemption Shalit and exchanged with the 1000 Palestinian prisoners. One of the so-called free-will is a Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti.

Jerusalem Post, Sunday edition (8 / 2) report, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has reached an agreement to release more prisoners before the new government of Israel created.

Israel agrees to free 350 was reported from the 372 names of prisoners that Hamas asked. One is Borghouti that already is in prison since 2002 Israel ago.

This plan the more strengthened with the statement of Defense Minister Ehud Barak of Israel that the close agreement with Hamas to reach the exemption issue Shalit.

"Business continues to be hard, night and day to bring Shalit home in safe condition," said Barak. At this time as much 12,000 Palestinian citizens in Israel in areas that are not known.

In addition to the exemption prisoners, Israel also appears to agree to open the border that have been diblokade for 19 months and make permanent ceasefire.



Baghdad - Iraq and France already have trade relations arms of government since Saddam Hussein. No wonder if the country had rejected the U.S. request to send troops to Iraq.

French relations with Iraq have been stranded since long. During the Saddam Hussein government, France is a major arms supplier that has been ongoing since the 1980s.

Previous French and Iraqi officials have also been talking to possible re-sale of military equipment, including helicopter spare parts and weapons.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy also ask the European countries to rebuild relations with Iraq. Sarkozy also praised the election that took place in the relatively peaceful Iraq. "We want to encourage all European countries untuik come (to Iraq). This is part of the interest of Europe to support the coupled hand and peace," Sarkozy said.

In the first visit to Iraq Tuesday yesterday, Sarkozy a meeting with President Jalal Talabani. In pembicaraannya, Sarkozy promised political and economic support pascapemilu Iraq.

"Election-held sangata very successful. France believed that Iraq was united and the world need a strong Iraq," said Sarkozy in a press conference with Talabani as quoted Associated Press, Wednesday (11/2/2009).

Sarkozy said his side wanted to rebuild relations with Iraq that has been built with great difficulty by preceding the former president Jacque Chirac. Chirac had rejected the U.S. request for military assistance when the invasion overthrow Saddam Hussein in 2003 ago.

At that time, France had become a U.S. citizen gunjingan not even a bit of U.S. calls for boycott of French products.

Sarkozy visits accompanied Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner. Kouchner itself is the first French government official who visited Iraq, which in August 2007. Kouchner said at the time, that open the back side of the relationship and to contemplate the future. Kouchner visited Iraq back in June 2008.



Show me the money
How did Obama get Crist’s support?
We’d like to think the conversation went something like the phone call between Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Tom Cruise in the movie “Jerry McGuire.”
A Bay Village man let a $10 parking ticket issued in May snowball into a warrant arrest on Feb. 7. He pled on Nov. 25, but did not pay his then-$126 fine and costs. In December, he sent up a payment plan, but then defaulted. A warrant was issued in January.

Oh, joy. President Obama said last night that the federal government is the ONLY institution with the wherewithal to pull our economy out of the pit (that’s a socialistic mantra if I’ve ever heard one). Today the Senate brainiacs in Washington passed the 850 Billion dollar “spendulous” package. And the markets jumped for joy, right?
Wrong. They plummeted. Again.

When he was stopped in Bay Village, the contempt warrant was served on him. In a remarkable show of alacrity, Mr. McFeely's Speedy Delivery rushed the now-$216 fine and costs to our station before he was booked into the jail.

Show Me The Money! Andy McDonald Signs Extension.
Not exactly a Zetterberg - ish type contract and salary, but McDonald has reportedly signed on for another 4 year tour of duty with the young, but talented Blues. The deal is worth $18.8 million. St. Louis has been decimated by injuries this season, with Andy

“The first thing early-stage businesses need to do before they seek investment is develop their business plans, protect their intellectual property and generally assure potential investors that the concept has legs,” says Michael Sippitt of Environmental Investment Network (www.environmentalinvest.com), a joint venture between the Environmental Industries Commission and Clarkslegal, a specialist legal firm in the environmental sector. The Technology Strategy Board (www.innovateuk.org) has also set up several Knowledge Transfer Networks for various business sectors. The environmental one is at www.tinyurl.com/c3q9mc.

Patenting an invention is a tricky business. Although it can cost only a few thousand pounds initially, that can escalate to tens of thousands. Advice on best strategy is essential before diving into the market. The Carbon Trust (www.carbontrust. co.uk) Incubator Scheme offers up to £70,000 of advice to qualifying schemes and free access to legal and business services at Grant Thornton and Mills & Reeve. The advantage of getting advice from eco-sector specialists is that they have access to networks of like-minded businesses and investors and can give your concept credibility – a crucial factor for success.



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